A day of hiking in the Rockies requires preparation. Conditions can change rapidly in the mountains and higher elevations increase your exposure to the sun and stormy weather. To have a safe and fun time outdoors you will need to bring:

  • Warm clothes (not cotton), rain jacket and pants, winter gloves, and toque
  • Hearty lunch, snack & drinking water (at least 2 litres)
  • Hiking boots and hiking poles, extra socks
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat
  • Personal blister kit and medical supplies (just in case)
  • Camera!

Short Hikes & Walks

For maps, detailed route finding and trail descriptions, visit the Kootenay Visitor Centre or purchase a hiking guide book and topographical map or check Kootenay Nation Park Here

Hiking around Radium Hot Springs Area

Download Map (PDF, 409 KB)

Download Brochure Kootenay Hiking (PDF, 3.7 MB)

Published on: 27th February 2019  -  Filed under: Personal Interest