Guide to Kootenay Road Trip Highway 93S

A Highway 93s road-trip map is available to Download (PDF, 1 Mb)

Kootenay National Park is one of four contiguous national parks in the Canadian Rockies that named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984: Canadian Rocky Mountain Park.

Point of Interest

Photographing Along the Route

Before stopping at any place. Be ready with a camera and binoculars! Along the route, you may see deer, bears, goats, wolves and bighorn sheep and some of the amazing view en-route.


Continental Divide

The point from which water flows to difference oceans. Stand in two provinces at once. This is the continental spine of western North America. At this location, it separates two watersheds, two provinces, and two national parks.
Stroll the 0.5 kilometres Fireweed Trail and discover how fire renews forests.

94 km. from Radium Hot Springs

Stanley Glacier

Hike the amazing trail of fire and ice to <Stanley Glacier for 3 hours or 8.4 kilometres round trip
Beginning in an expansive fire swept forest with lodgepole pines and a profusion of wildflowers, hike crosses a turquoise river, passes by waterfalls and gives close-up views of the Stanley Glacier. Hidden at the base of Mount Stanley are trilobites, hyolithids, brachiopods, sponges and algaes.

95 km. from Radium Hot Springs


Marble Canyon

View the Marble Canyon Turquoise, glacial waters and startling canyon walls grow ever more impressive along this short trail. Seven bridges span the narrow gorge, crossing several times for spine-tingling views of the river below. Watch for fuchsia fireweed and mountain bluebirds in a landscape shaped by fire, erosion, and mountain-building.

87 km. from Radium Hot Springs
Red chair Location GPS: N51º11.396 W116º07.599

Paint Pots

Stroll along a 2 kilometres trail to the Paint Pots, a First Nations cultural site. Enjoy these iron-rich mineral springs that stain the earth red.
This unusual orange ochre bed is important to many Aboriginal peoples who gathered the ochre for centuries for use in ceremony and trade. In the early 1900’s ochre was mined and shipped to Calgary, where it was used as a pigment in paint. Remnants of twentieth century mining are still visible along the trail.

84 km. from Radium Hot Springs


Kooteney Valley Viewpoint

This roadside viewpoint provides breathtaking views of the Mitchell and Vermilion mountain ranges and the Kootenay River far below. Watch the river wind through the rich, montane forest following an ancient route to Castlegar, B.C. where it unites with the great Columbia River.

16 km. from Radium Hot Springs

Redwall Fault & Sinclair Canyon

Look up the towering red cliffs of the Redwall Fault and the Sinclair Canyon, one of the most impressive gateways to a national park in Canada. Watching the views of Sinclair Canyon below and the Redwall Fault cliffs above. Trails on both sides of the highway can be accessed at the north and south ends, from the Redstreak area to the east, and Juniper Trail to the west. See Radium Hot Springs Trail Map (PDF, 409 KB)

1 km. from our place


Radium Hot Springs

Your trip won't be complete without visiting this spot! Soak in the naturally-heated, mineral-rich hot pool between the sheltering walls of Sinclair Canyon. Radium Hot Springs is one of three thermal swimming pools in the Rocky Mountain National Parks – luxurious in summer and magical in the winter

2.5 km. from our location

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